The friendly family chore app

Monsta Points for phones and tablets – Android or iOS.

What makes Monsta Points different is that parents can instantly offer real rewards (such as a trip to the park or a movie night) – and include their children in the whole process.

Using the instant rewards capability of Monsta Points, there is no more hunting around for pocket change delaying a well-earned reward – and you can easily reinforce the positive effect of a job well done.

Seamless Sync

Syncing progress is a breeze

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Always free for kids

  • Unlimited Points

    1.99$ In-app purchase

    Unlimited chore points

    25 chores per user

    7 users

    First 30 points free

It is quite a motivating force with my children. Never before have the words “I am going to tidy up my clothes.” Come out of their mouths. Easy to use and the kids enjoy seeing concrete results in the form of their points increasing.